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Adirondack APA Local Bylaws

(REVISED JUNE 14, 2017

Ivan & Tina Quintana (518-222-1153)


Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Welcome to the American Poolplayers Association (APA) and Adirondack APA. In our efforts to maximize your enjoyment of the League, as well as provide the best possible service to the members, we have developed Local Bylaws. The Bylaws are a secondary source of information created in accordance with and in addition to the APA Official Team Manual (OTM). You should become thoroughly familiar with the Official Team Manual and Local Bylaws.

Office Hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Office Phone # is (518) 222-1153. If we are not available please leave your name, phone number, and a short message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Team Fees are $40 per week per team for all scheduled matches regardless of number of games played, any forfeits and division playoffs. If you pay by check please make them out to “Adirondack APA” or “APA”. There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks, plus loss of bonus point until all past fees are paid.

Team Captains should collect all League fees, dues, and membership applications from players on their teams. weekly scoresheets and Team fees should be place in a sealed APA envelope.

Late Fees: any team that is more than $40 past due is at risk of being dropped from the league and loss of points may be taken. Additionally, the Team Captain (& others players) may be marked ineligible to play. If payment is not received at this time, they will be given notification that they will be dropped from the League for nonpayment. If the fees are not brought to current by the third week, the team will be dropped from the League for nonpayment. All players on the team will become responsible for their portion of the fees that are due. The League Office will not be responsible for dues or monies that have not been paid by the Team Captain or other member designated by the team. Teams having rosters with players who owe money to the League will not be able to participate in any play-offs, Tri-Cups, or other tournaments until such monies are paid. Teams that are habitually late may be asked to replace their Team Captain with another, more responsible player. Please refer to the OTM, Section 2, Para 6, for any teams/players that want to rejoin or reinstated.


APA membership fees are due the first night of play or by the 4th week of League play if a member has yet to play, whichever occurs first. Any match that includes an unpaid player could result in a team forfeit by the team with unpaid players and a win for the paid player regardless of the actual match outcome. If both players are unpaid then both teams forfeit.

Other Financially Related Issues

If a player on your roster has ($$$) next to their name, it means there is a financial problem between that player and the League Office. It is the responsibility of the player or Team Captain to contact the League Office to determine the reason.

Players with ($$$) in their name cannot play until the problem is resolved. If the player plays a match without 1st contacting the League Office, your team will automatically lose points: the bonus points & the points for the match.

Bonus Points one bonus point for ( 8-Ball) (15 in 9-Ball) will be awarded each week for teams that have the correct money, completely and correctly fill out scoresheet, and follow proper Drop-Off Procedure for their division (see below). Dues must be up to date. If your team owes any type of dues you will not receive your points. There will be no exceptions. Be careful that you do not lose your bonus points

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures:. There are currently 2 types of drop-off/pick-up procedures

  • Drop Box System (Division 021,022,230,231): Team envelope will be delivered to location that you are playing at before League night each week by Division Rep from your area, when match is completed the Team Captain has until Thursday night at closing to drop team envelope into drop box at The Cellar, Doc’s Remedy,

Mail System Drop-Off/Pickup (Warren County) – Team Envelopes must be drop off by Friday 6pm at the VFW. Division Rep will then pick up all envelopes and mail to League Operator. Team envelopes will be delivered to locations that you are playing at before league night each week by Div. Rep.

Byes are worth 8 points for 8-Ball and 1 bonus point (50 + 15 in 9-Ball). No fees will be due.

Time Between Matches Play is continuous, no smoke breaks between individual matches is permitted.

23-Rule Will Be Strictly Enforced “The total of the skill levels of the five players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 23. A team playing fewer than five matches must show that it would not have exceeded 23 if the five matches had been played. Any team that violates the 23-Rule forfeits all the points it won during team match and opposing team will receive those points.” Or for 9-ball “the offending team would receive zero points …the non-offending team would receive all points they won plus 15 points for match in which 23-Rule was broken and all subsequent matches”

  • If you violate the 23-Rule and the other team catches it: The Official Team Manual states that “non-offending team make note to effect on the scoresheet, and notify the opposing Team Captain.”

Forfeits if a team fails to show for a match, the opposing team (providing 5 players are present and listed on the scoresheet) will receive 10 points and 1 bonus point (60 + 15 in 9-Ball) if all paperwork is completed and full weekly dues are paid. Teams that do not show up for 2 consecutive weeks will be considered dropped from the league and a new schedule will be issued. Dropped teams or suspended player will forfeit all benefits, trophies, awards and prize money.

Individual Forfeits If a team forfeits a match in 8-Ball, the total points awarded for the match is 2.

9-Ball total points awarded is 15.

Individual Playoff Forfeits If a team forfeits a match in playoffs for 8-Ball total points awarded 3.

Individual Playoff Forfeits – 9-Ball : If a team forfeits an individual match in playoffs for 9-Ball, the points awarded will 20-0; in 8-Ball an individual match forfeit will be 3-0.

Adding/Dropping of Players Teams will be allowed to add or drop players up to the 6th week of the session. If player is dropped from roster and does not pay membership, then all points earned by that player will be given to opposing team. After the 6th week of the session, teams will not be allowed to change their roster unless the team falls below 5 players, and even then only with approval from the League Operator. Under no circumstances will a team be allowed to add or drop players after the 6th week for 23-Rule purposes. Important: Any team qualified for the WQ will be allowed to add or drop players only up to the 4th week of the Spring Session.

Rescheduled Matches: All rescheduled matches must be made up within 2 weeks of the original match, unless pre-approved by League Office. If not, 0 points will be awarded to each team. No matches will be made up the last 4 weeks of session play. The League Office must be notified of any rescheduled matches by both team captains.

Inclement Weather Policy: It’s is up to the Team Captains to work with each other when considering the current weather conditions and deciding to reschedule a match. The League Office must be notified of all rescheduled matches.

No Matches On National Holidays Labor Day, Memorial Day, Christmas , New Year’s day(& Eve), Thanksgiving, July 4th

HOLIDAYS: All matches scheduled on holidays can be rescheduled and played prior to the original match date or up to two weeks after the original match date. Pre-playing the match is recommended. Please notify the League Office if you are rescheduling your match.

Cue ball/Lagging Players must use object balls to lag. Do not use the cue ball because most locations have an oversized cue ball or overweight cue ball. You must use the cue ball that comes with table for match play: it cannot be switched out for another cue ball.

Coaching If a coach suggests a time-out to the player, the time-out must be taken. However, if a player asks for a time-out, the coach can refuse to take it and no time-out will be charged. Coaches are allowed to place the cue-ball in a ball-in-hand situation. All rules regarding fouling the cue ball apply to the coach when placing the cue ball for a player.

Banned Players/Sportsmanship: If a player on your team has been banned from a tavern or location, then the team must play without him/her. The APA League has no right to insist a Host Location admit any player. Any player or team receiving more than 2 sportsmanship violations will be suspended from the League. Dropped teams or any suspended player will forfeit all benefits, trophies, awards and prize money.

Falsification of Scoresheets: Any team caught sandbagging or sending in falsified scoresheets will be subject to any penalties handed down by the League Operator, which may include being dropped from the League.

Divisional Playoffs, Tri-Annuals (also referred to as Tri Cups), and APA World Qualifiers (formerly referred to as Local Team Championships)

If There Is More Teams Scheduled To Be Home Then Tables That Are Available For Divisional Playoffs, Then Lower Ranking Home Team Must Pick Another Location To Play Out Of On That Given Week.

  1. Format for playoffs for division w/ 5 or less teams: Division winner will advance to Tri-Cups .

  2. 2nd place team will play wildcard team in playoffs winner will advance to Tri-Cups. Winners of Tri-Cups will advance to World Qualifier.

  1. Format for playoffs for division 6 to 9 teams: Division winner will advance to Tri-Cups.

  2. 2nd, 3rd, 4th place plus wild card will play in a one week playoff. The winner of the playoffs will also advance to Tri-Cups. Winners of Tri-Cups will advance to World Qualifier.

  1. Format for playoffs for division w/ 10 or more teams: Winners of Tri-Cups will advance to World Qualifier. . The next 7 best teams plus wildcard team will play in a one week divisional playoff. The top four teams from the playoffs will advance to Tri-Cups. Winners of Tri-Cups will advance to World Qualifier.

  1. Local Team Championships: Teams qualifying for World Qualifier by being one of the finalists from the Summer, Fall, or Spring by playoff or division winner. (The number of teams to advance to World Qualifier will be determined and announced at beginning of each session).

  1. Individual Players: Players must play at least 4 times in session & 6 times in lifetime to qualify for the Cash Cup Tournament, and 10 times in lifetime to qualify for World Qualifier.

Individual Awards/Tournament

  • $75 & plaque to top player in each tier in each division (Divisions of 5 or less is $35)

    • 8-Ball Low Tier is s/l 2’s &3’s, Middle Tier is s/l 4’s & 5’s, High Tier is s/l 6’s & 7’s

    • 9-Ball Low Tier is s/l 1’s, 2’s, & 3’s, Middle Tier is s/l 4’s & 5’s, High Tier is s/l 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, & 9’s

  • Top 5 players from each tier of each division to participate in session ending Single elimination Tournament (Single Elimination format)

  • In order to be eligible for best player awards/tournament, a player must play at least 60% of scheduled session matches. Forfeits & bye weeks do not count in figuring totals.

  • MVP will be determined by Points available percentage.

  • Entry Fee for tournament will be $15 per person and will be part of the overall payout. Adirondack will add a singles board entry for each tier in both formats.

  • For all ties prize fund will be divided equally to all players.

Division Winners – Division Champions will receive Trophies or Plaques and entered in the Cash Cup where prize money can be won.

TRI-CUP Cash Prize FundAll Tri-Cup winners will receive cash prize.

Tri Cup Winners Cash Prize will depend on size of all divisions participating in session ending tournament.

Travel Assistance:

$Travel Assistance will be awarded to each player traveling to the APA World Pool Championship

in order to defray travel and lodging cost. This is not considered assistance cash prize. Every player receiving Travel Assistance from Adirondack APA will be required to sign a receipt for all funds received. Also, the receipt will state that the player understands all monies received are for Travel Assistance only. If a player accepts monies from Adirondack APA and then chooses not to travel to the APA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas, the player will be required to return all monies back to Adirondack APA within 30 days of the tournament. Teams traveling to Las Vegas will be required to pay entry fee $ 250 out of the Travel Assistance prize fund. Teams will receive $250 back upon registration to be divided equally between traveling players.

Ladies Travel Assistance: Will be determined based on the number of teams participating.

Teams going to the APA World Pool Championship must register & participate in order to retain the travel assistance.

Player Age & ID All players participating in the APA must be 18 years of age or older. However, players under 21 years of age must get prior approval from location they are to play out of before joining team. Players must be able to show a valid picture ID to the league operator or any team member at any time. Teams that play a player under a false name or age will receive 0 points for the night and will be at risk of suspension from the League.

Banned Players/ Sportsmanship if a player on your team has been banned from a tavern or location, then the team must play without him/ her. The APA League has no right to insist a host location admit this player. Any player or team receiving more than two sportsmanship violations will be suspended from the League. Dropped teams or any suspended player will forfeit all benefits, trophies, awards and prize money.

Physical Altercations will not be tolerated. There is a no fighting policy in the Adirondack APA. All physical altercations will warrant an automatic 1-year suspension to the player initiating the altercation. Any player(s) participating in the altercation will receive a 3-month suspension which is subject to review.

Playback Rule In Effect For All Session Now (4 Times Per Session) Teams will be allowed to play one person on their team twice in the same night, if four or less players show up. This rule has the following restrictions: a) the player playing twice must be picked by the opposing team, b) the team must still show that they would not have violated the 23-Rule, c) each team will be allowed to use this rule only 4 times & it will not be allowed to be used in playoffs. Team using the playback rule must notify opposing team of the possibility they may need to use playback rule at the beginning of the match and the opposing team must choose person playing twice before 1st match is over. The player chosen may play second match any time during the night, not necessarily the last match.

A player may not be sent home and/or made unavailable so that a team may request a “replay” from their opponent. Attempts to take advantage of the “replay” rule should be report to the League Operator and the offending team will be in a sportsmanship violation.

Headphones/MP3 Players/Etc. Not Allowed To Be Worn While Playing Your Match no exceptions.

Using Chalk as a marker Players may use chalk to mark a spot on the table as long as the chalk is not touching the felt.

No player from the opposing team may approach the table to remove the chalk.

If the opposing team removes the chalk, this will be considered a Sportsmanship violation.

Putting Players Up In Double Jeopardy Divisions:

  • If a team desires to put a player up to table in a match in one format and that player is currently playing in other format, then team will be allowed one 15-minute grace period per night to allow that player to finish playing his/her match in the other format. If player does not finish match within the 15-minute period, then team must put another player up to the table or forfeit match.

  • Each team should plan accordingly, so that you do not run into this situation.

Marking Pockets:

  • No Money can be used for marking pockets.

  • Chalk can be used for marking pockets.


If a player uses a cell phone during a game, whether it is their turn at the table or not, it is considered unsportsmanlike. Repeated offenses can lead to a sportsmanship violation. Be courteous; do not use your cell phone while playing a match.


A player can change sticks during a game. It is not considered a loss of game.

If a player breaks his stick down it is not a loss of game. The opposing player must ask if the player breaking their stick down if they are conceding the match.


A player must be “established” (i.e.-have a minimum of then (10) matches) in a format for their skill level to be converted to a different format. For example, if a player has only played 3 matches in 9-ball. Contact your LO

if you have questions regarding the number of matches played and the skill level a player should start at. Starting a player at an inappropriate Skill Level (a skill level lower than their actual skill level) will result in the team forfeiting the match to their opponent.

Double Hits & Push Shots

Push Shots are not allowed. If the cue ball is less than a chalk length from the object ball you must hit the cue ball at an angle or jack up a minimum of 30 degrees. If the balls are frozen (i.e. touching each other) then you may hit the cue ball straight on, no angle is necessary.


At any time, at the sole discretion of the League Operator, Adirondack APA can refuse to do business with any individual regardless of whether the individual’s APA membership is in good standing. Most often, players who are unwelcome in the League will be those who are disruptive to the League, repeatedly complain about handicaps or who otherwise deride the League in public.